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Focusing as a Life Skill

How can I use Focusing as a Life Skill?

What is Focusing?

Focusing is based on our inherent ability to sense our body from within and its know-how to access the body-mind wisdom and create its own metaphors. Positive life changes happen when we are able to symbolise the crux of our ongoing experiencing.When we focus on our most complex and challenging "confused" situations/ issues, focusing  directly accesses our innermost body-mind intelligence, unravelling and clarifying new, fresh and creative solutions. It is simple but not easy. By its very nature it is subtle and needs specific experiential teaching in order for someone to be able to utilise it to the full whenever and wherever it is needed in their lives.

There are no limits or combinations in the way that focusing can be implemented. It can be used by healing and wellness professionals, therapists, teachers and pedagogues, artists, business and NGO's, conflict resolution and mediation.

What will be the effect of focusing in my life?
  • Learning to listen to my own inner wisdom

  • To activate my own natural ability for change

  • Living with more ease, sparkle and inner satisfaction

  • Accepting myself and healing my past

  • The possibility of deepening and expanding my relationships both in life and work.  

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