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Focusing as a Life Skill


This Life Skills Programme follows the requirements of the BFA's completion of the BFA focusing skills certificate, which consists of 60 teaching hours.


These 60 hours take place over five months, which is one weekend per month. Additionally we offer 10 sessions of "focuvision".


This is one to one focusing exploration with the focusing trainers on the difficulties, possible blocks and welcome discoveries encountered during the focusing partnership practice. "Focuvision" is offered on our firm recommendation that trainees complete at least one session per week, resulting in practicing as both focuser and companion. The full completion of the above requirements leads to a BFA focusing skills certificate.

Calm Sea

We also offer the Life Skills Programme in the form of a retreat.


The Week Retreat is available for beginners ( i.e. those who wish to complete level one and two, minimum five days) and to take the time and space to let this fresh bodily wisdom settle into its place.


We are also offering advanced focusers (i.e. having completed a focusing certification ) the possibility of creating their own made to measure Focusing Retreat. This means that a group of up to 6 people who wish to take and enjoy the time together (minimum stay 5 days) will co-create their own program exploring focusing themes /issues of their choice in an ideal, calm and comfortable environment surrounded by beautiful countryside, a Pine Forest within 3 minutes walking distance and the peaceful ambience of nature.

The advanced retreats are available during the months of April/ May/ June/ September/ October/ November.

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