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Focusing as a Life Skill


Workshop reviews

Over the last 40 years I have studied many different methods of gaining more insight into human  behavior. I found them mostly contrived and self indulgent. So when  I heard about focusing I was a bit skeptical. Patricia very generously gave her time to help me solve a problem I was having filling out a grant proposal. So when I found out she was conducting a focusing training I decided to return the favor by taking her course. It is hard to describe but in essence it is a self empowering method of creatively experiential problem solving whether it be about business, personal or physical difficulty and a whole lot more. I highly recommend it.

Athan Gadanidis
Writer, marketing and movement specialist

Focusing has been a revelation for me as these past months changed my life and my perspective on everything. Eirini and Patricia invited each and every one of us into this magical journey of Focusing with simplicity, respect, tenderness and generously gave us a very carefully designed but really simple map for a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt into ourselves and the wisdom of our “body”. Using simple words and just being, but really being there at the present moment with my companion, enabled me to actually build a solid relationship with myself and to reach the knowledge and wisdom of my “body”. Even though I have tried many different approaches in terms of therapy, none had this effect on me. I really feel that I am now holding the master key to everything regarding my life in my hands. Furthermore, I met new people that I know consider real friends, people with whom I have shared sacred things and I am really happy and grateful that I am part of this community.

Angeliki Tsiakoumi
Administration Manager, Metropolitan College, Athens Campus

I came to the seminar to get deeper into foc. I immediately realized that I had begun an inner more personal exploration process and healing process. The steps of finding the Presence and the Blueprint were extremely important! The whole trip had depth ... and I feel gratitude towards yourselves, but myself also for pursuing this. Finding Background Sense was also revealing and has changed much within me. I feel that my attitude towards fok has changed and also the way I can lead others. I am glad this is not the end here, but there is more. I am also glad that there is thinking of creating a fok group as a "foc tribe." I can't tell if it was an easy or difficult journey, but once I stayed with the real me, it was simple! I dealt with joy and enthusiasm the difficulties that came with the course, because I knew that foc would help me to work on and to bring shadows to light ... Also, through this whole journey I resonated with my spiritual initiation. I feel that I found part of my tribe .... again! I trust you! I thank you from the heart!

George Papamichael

It was an amazing journey - with safety and comfort and two exceptional guides /companions - to inner landscapes, some of them familiar and some new, where I reunited in a new way with old acquaintances but also met new ones and at the same time I had the opportunity and joy to make new friends, in and out.

Maria Kokori

I had the privilege to be among the first to complete the “Focusing as a Life Skill” program. To be honest, I initially wondered whether I “needed” it, having completed the 4 year training program in the Person Centered approach and Focusing Oriented Therapy. But, right from the beginning, I started to understand or rather experience what is really Focusing to me. It was not just a more in depth or sort of “post-graduate” program. It was rather an all along wonderful experience of the richness, the depth, the wisdom of Focusing. And I now start to really learn and experience Focusing and how to put it into my everyday life as a life skill! Besides the theoretical and experiential training of the program’s levels, what had significant value to me were the experiential practice among the group members and the subsequent “Focuvisions”, which I consider among the most important elements of the whole program. As far as the life coaches/trainers is concerned, I have yet to experience a more harmonic relationship between/among trainers and as a result for each one and all the trainees – and that says it all! Given the first opportunity, I shall definitely do it again!

Michael Lomvardos

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